I am proud to have been selected for the FORBES Europe's 30 Under 30 List in 2023.

When I started, I had nothing

I am the proof of making millions with zero money. I achieved everything just with my computer and phone.

Now I'm a million dollar business owner

I earned millions without any investment. 

And I built an office with a capacity of 40 people, a game room, meeting rooms and executive rooms.


Also FORBES confirms that I've earned millions.


I achieved all of these as a child of a divorced family, with my father having gone bankrupt twice, coming from a poor background.

My wife is also my business partner

I met the love of my life in high school. 

We grew up together, and ten years later, when we were 26 years old, we got married.


She is also my business partner; we manage everything together. This motivates me.


If she weren't in my life, perhaps I wouldn't have been able to achieve all of this. I'm very lucky.

But, I learned this the hard way..

My father went bankrupt twice. 

And after the second one, he committed suicide.

I found him like that and rushed him to the hospital. I saved his life. After this incident, my mother and father got divorced.

I signed all the debt papers to pay off my father's debts. But I had no money at all.

I had to earn money to pay off these debts.

And this difficult situation made me realize how easy it is to earn money. I made $600,000 in my first year of entrepreneurship. 

No one helped me. 

No one showed the way.

I read books of people who made millions, and through them, I figured out how to make money.

If you are in a difficult situation like I was once, 
the knowledge that saved me can save you too.